Transylvania Workshop

March 18, 2014

I am going to be giving a photography workshop in Transylvania on May 16th!  The workshop will be part of the enormous 2014 Photo Romania Festival.  The workshop will take place at the beautiful and gothic Corvinilor Castlie, which has a dungeon cell that once held Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) prisoner.  The focus of the workshop will be on storytelling through pictures.  I will also teach the fundamentals of lighting, including the use of fog and other atmospheric effects.

If you’re interested in joining me on this unique photography adventure, go to the Photo Romania website and learn more about signing up!


New Sony Commission! Monster Prom Photos!

February 18, 2014

Today Sony announced their new commission from me!   I’m going to create 3 original Prom photographs utilizing their new Alpha 7 camera.  Here is the Sony UK press release describing my project:

American photographer Joshua Hoffine‘s meticulously staged images depict universal fears, from creatures lurking under the bed and in basements, to the shadowy imaginings of monsters after dark. His exclusive new commission for Sony UK reimagines iconic monsters Frankenstein, Dracula, and Wolfman as awkward teenagers posing for their Prom pictures with their human dates. Joshua’s work has reached cult status across the world through the hugely viral nature of his photographs. Inspired by horror films, gothic literature and fascinated by the psychology of fear, Hoffine regularly collaborates with famed makeup artist J. Anthony Kosar, to produce powerfully haunting, cinematic images, using elaborate sets, props, costuming and special effects makeup.

I’m very excited about this Monster Prom project!  This one is going to be very funny.  Dracula will have braces.  Frankenstein has a mullet.  I wrote this concept specifically to have another chance to work with Kosar again.  As I am wrapping up post-production on my short film BLACK LULLABY (which Kosar worked on), he is already preparing for our upcoming 3rd collaboration together.  I can’t wait for everyone to see what we are up to!

Student Email 2

February 9, 2014

Feb 9 12:52 PM

Comment: A big fan! :)

Hello Joshua,

My name is Jenna Lambert and I am currently in my final year of university studying Graphic Art and Design. Your horror photography has inspired me for my own project ‘Horror-Tales’, which also looks into the psychological fears within children and adults. I have been very fond of your photography work for a while now, I admire your focus on the practical effects within your imagery rather than an all digital format, the results are much more interesting. I would really appreciate it if you could answer a few questions in relation to your work and mine. I understand you are extremely busy, but if you are unable to answer them all, even just a few would be fantastic. Thanks again. :)

Feb 9 1:12 PM

Graduating with a B.A. in English Literature, how did you come to discover an interest in photography?

I love movies.  I was interested in going to film school as a graduate student.  Circumstances didn’t allow for it.  I began taking pictures instead. First with a polaroid camera, but soon with an SLR camera, processing film and making prints in a dark room.  My interest in movies and film making was eventually channeled into my work as a mature photographer.

. You’ve worked along side Nick Vedros, who is involved in commercial and advertising photography, would you say this opportunity helped you grow as a photographer?

Better than photography school.

. My Idea for my ‘Horror-Tales’ project came from my love for theatrical make up and horror films, what inspired you to create your projects?

Many things: horror movies, a love for special effects, my interest in psychology, fairy tales, a desire to do something with my children, etc.

. In an interview with Guardian UK in 2013, you stated, ‘My role as a horror photographer is to show people what they don’t want to see’. Can you elaborate on this?

Horror as an art form is about attraction/repulsion.  I’m not the viewer’s friend.  I’m not taking requests.  I did not come to soothe them.  In the end, I’m out to get them.

. Why do you choose to act out your shoots, using actors rather than using a straight forward digital process?

I don’t know how to do it digitally.  I’m a photographer.

. How long do you spend creating the set, costume and props?


. Your photography shows a wide selection of fears, fear of dark, monsters, the unknown. How do you keep this interesting for the audience?

By keeping it interesting for me.

. I have a fascination with horror, I love being scared! What are you scared of?

Nearly everything.

. You use family and friends in your work, how do they feel about the process, do they take their role seriously?

I treat the work seriously, so they do too.

. My favourite image of yours is ‘Bed’, the props used were amazing! How did you construct the monster hands?

Hands from a Creature Reacher costume purchased 1/2 price the day after Halloween.

. Talking about fears, I’m terrified of zombies, how would you recommend I incorporate this into my own work?

Your choice.  In staged photography, decision is the art.

Like yourself, I am self taught and still learning.  Do you have any advice as a photographer?

Assist or intern with a commercial studio if possible.  Shoot weddings.  Weddings are like photography bootcamp.  There are no shortcuts.  Experience is simply clocking in the man-hours.  Push yourself constantly.  It’s the only way you’ll get better. 

Best of luck on your project, Jenna!


Student Email 1

February 9, 2014

Feb 9 5:13 AM

Comments: Hi!

I am currently writing my dissertation on death and disgust in art, focussing on the artist Joel Peter Witkin. In my research,  I noticed certain similarities or influences to his tableaux work in your photographs, so thought I would ask if he has indeed been an influence to you?


Corinne Smallman

Feb 9 11:36 AM

Thank you for your email Corinne.

I love Witkin!  His work inspired my original interest in photography.  We both frequently deal in dark and disturbing subject matter.  We both also build tableaux scenes for our camera.  However, I feel my work is much more narrative based than Witkin’s (more cinematic), and feel a greater kinship with Cindy Sherman and Gregory Crewdson in this regard.  Witkin is located more in the still life and portrait genres.  I love how he references canonized artwork from the past, and I respond to his delightful willingness to shock and upset the viewer as a kind of manifesto.

Best of luck with your dissertation, Corinne!


p.s. Witkin also has the greatest photographer statement of all time: “I want my photographs to be as powerful as the last thing a person sees or remembers before death.”



November 14, 2013

Yes, that was me on the television show Oddities.  My wife Jen and I stopped by the store Obscura Antiques while we were in NYC – we love the show! – and ended up on-camera for Episode 16 of Season 4 – ‘No Guts, No Glory’ – which aired on the Discovery Channel just before Halloween on October 29th!


3 Days Left For BLACK LULLABY!

November 7, 2013

Only 3 Days left for the Kickstarter campaign for my first short film BLACK LULLABY!  Pledges of $25 not only receive a signed DVD but a credit in the film as well.  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unique Horror project!

Here you can see me and FACE/OFF Champion J. Anthony Kosar making a final pitch for our awesome film:


MALEFICIUM Dark Art Exhibition 3

November 1, 2013

Hi kiddies!  My photograph LAST STAND will be on display as part of the amazing group art show MALEFICIUM 3 at the Kosart Gallery in Chicago during the month of November.  The opening is tomorrow Saturday Nov. 2nd from 1 – 10 pm.  This show is curated by my friend and collaborator (and FACE/OFF winner!) J. Anthony Kosar, and features a stunning line-up of artists, including Travis Louie and Thomas Kuebler.  Come join us!


HuffPost Live

October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Check out my 15 minutes of fame on HuffPost Live!



May 30, 2013

Hey kiddies!  Here is my new zombie photograph LAST STAND.


It remains true to the simple sketch from my KickStarter video, but now brought to life with actors and detail.


My star A. Michael Baldwin gave a wonderful performance!  The gunshot to the head was achieved using flash paper and black powder fired through a prop head sculpted by Ryan Pintar.  I then combined these elements with the kneeling zombie actor and Baldwin firing the gun on set using Photoshop.


For reasons of safety, I photographed my little niece Rev separately as well.


My friend Erica has the greatest face.


My youngest daughter Sadie gave me an identical scream to match Erica’s.


This photograph was by far my largest project to date, and only came to life with the help and assistance of many wonderful people.  A special thank you to all of the KickStarter Pledge supporters who made this image possible!  The success of this image has encouraged me to consider future photo projects on an even larger, more elaborate scale.



PRODUCER : Justin Gardner


FATHER : A. Michael Baldwin

MOTHER : Erica Kauffman

DAUGHTER : Sade Hoffine



Bob Barber

Colin Mogg

Sonny Williams

Jen Hoffine

Brian Wendling

Davis DeRock

Henry Feltmeyer

Alice Pollack

Nathan Beggs

Dylan Thomas

Brett Johnson

Austin Goldberg

MAKE-UP EFFECTS : J. Anthony Kosar


Meagan Hester

Jeffrey Sisson

Brenna Hoch

Rita Hoch

HAIR : Jill Sixx


Jerry Hoffine

Steve Hoffine

Bill Rose

Michelle Seward

Mike Clouse


Jerry Vest

Demian Vela




DRIVER : Mike Clouse

CATERING : Mike Clouse


Anna Perry, Photography

Trevor Hawkins, Mammoth Media, Video


A 40″ print of LAST STAND is currently on view and for sale at the LAST RITES GALLERY in NYC, as part of the ‘Zombie’ group art show curated by Travis Louie.  Thank you again to Travis for inviting me to be part of this show!


More ambitious projects coming soon.  See you next time!

Paris National Opera

May 1, 2013

The Opera National de Paris licensed two of my images, WOLF and BED, to use in the programs for their production of HANSEL AND GRETEL, which is running currently until May 6th.

In a curious twist of fate, my daughter Chloe – who was featured in my photograph CANDY, my own take on Hansel and Gretel – will be in Paris the same month the images are being used.




Thank you to Mariame Clement, the production designer, for being a fan!


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