Making DEVIL

This is my new photograph titled DEVIL.

This image is about religious fear in children.

The Devil is a boogeyman we are taught in church.

The little girl is my daughter Chloe.

Bob Barber played the Devil. This was Bob Barber’s first photo shoot with me.

I constructed a set with a floor that was raised three feet off of the ground.  My friend Jason Coale acted as supervisor. My friends Damien Vela and Matt Tady helped with all of the carpentry.  I met Damien through the Kansas City Horror Club.  Demian and Matt also worked as production assistants during the actual shoot.

I drew out the shape of the crack on the carpet with a Sharpie pen, and then cut out the crack in the floor with a jigsaw, carpet and all.

To line the inside of the crack, we cut out separate cardboard rectangles and covered them with shiny red fabric. We nailed and taped the rectangles together into a position that would match the jagged contours of the crack.

Most of the toys belonged to me and my sisters as kids. Others were borrowed from my daughters. The angel drawing taped to the wall was made by my daughter Sade.

I wanted my Devil to be fire-engine red, with horns, long pointy ears, and an arrowhead tail.  I wanted him to look like a child’s drawing come to life.  I bought prosthetic appliances for the horns, ears, and the bony nubs on his spine. Jason Coale applied the make-up.

I used the fog machine to hide the fact that Bob’s make-up job did not extend below his waist.

I wrapped Bob’s waist in the same shiny red fabric that we used to line the crack of Hell. The tail was made from a rubber snake. I removed the head and spray painted the body red. I made the pointed tip of the tail out of cardboard, gaff tape, latex, and paint. We used fishing line to puppet the tail into position. I later erased the fishing line in Photoshop.

Chloe is smiling because everyone in the room, Devil included, broke out into spontaneous applause over her fantastic performance.

See you next time!

40 Responses to “Making DEVIL”

  1. Joaquin Arias Says:

    Congratulations, fantastic work! This is true love for photography! You make me enjoy with this post.

  2. Heath Mensher Says:

    This is Brilliant! It is so nice to see warm analog art in a cold digital world…

  3. Echo Says:

    Stunning work, love watching how these come together 🙂

  4. Pierre Says:

    Wow. it’s always amazing watching skilled people at work. Chloe is adorable, and the makeup work on your mate Bob was fantastic.

  5. Mad Mia Says:

    Seriously wicked work man! KUDOS!

  6. Arina Says:

    It’ great that you show us each step toward your final work! It looks great! Without the “making of”, they could look like snap-shoots! (I’m exaggerating)…but, that would make you a paparazzi of the dark world, of horror!
    You wouldn’t mind that! :))

  7. Susana Says:

    You sure is a proud dad!!! With a girl like that, who woudn’t?

    Congratulations on another great pic!

  8. Naery Says:

    Wow. Absolutely love seeing these “making of”s. And Chloe, what a star!! I really adore the picture of her at the bottom, after the shoot. Kudos to Kevin for catching that moment. You’re a fabulously lucky dad, you know?

    On another note, I’ve been showing your work to all my friends here (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and in Dubai, and they all really really really, really, — really — dig what you do. But of course, they have no reason not to!

    I bow down to your awesomeness! m(_ _)m

  9. Mike Says:

    I love this shot and love seeing the effort you put into it!! Very very admirable work. One thing though – is it just me or is Chloe looking slightly above his head? I’m guessing its because of her dark-colored eyes and the small image size, but I’m not sure.

  10. Gabriela Almeida Says:

    Just love everything here (I’ve told you this before). You really inspire me. The best for you! Gabriela Almeida (Brazil)

  11. vio Says:

    your work is soooo amazing, it’s a real pleasure to see the making of too,

    go on doing your thing it’s awesome.

  12. purpleworm Says:

    i love your work! that is amazing… super cool! WOW!

  13. MacGirl Says:

    That is really great stuff. Who’s the guy with the glasses? I have a super-crush on him 😉


  14. eric Says:’s something amazing!! keep up the good work!! looking forward to more of ur work!!

  15. Pete Says:

    Wow, really cool photo. It’s also nice to get an idea of what kind of work actually goes into shots like this.

  16. Shun Says:

    Impressive work. You really went to some effort for this fantastic shot!

  17. Bill Blixby Says:

    Seems Like a lot of work couldnt you just photoshop most of it and save a couple of days

  18. sfteri Says:

    Move over Nicole Kidman… ha ha! Chloe is so adorable! How wonderful she’s found her niche so early on in life! Looks like she has a lot of people around her to help encourage her wonderful talent! You look like a talented Dad who has a lot of fun! Everyone should have a fun dad like you!

    Great job! Never stop having fun! Lucky you!

  19. Tom Says:

    Unglaublich – da werde ich ja mal wieder an meine Theaterzeit erinnert. Macht einfach Spass ungewöhnliche Dinge zu tun. Viel Erfolg mit dem Blog und viele Grüsse aus dem herbstlichen Berlin



  20. Monica Says:

    wow, awesome! Love it.

  21. Darrin Woodworth Says:

    Great Work. I’m an image person, so I appreciate the amount of effort it takes to get the image – whichever media you work with – the way you want it!

  22. Christina Says:


  23. Alex Says:

    that is SO, SO…i don’t even know what to say.
    it’s incredible. you’re amazing!

  24. Dee Says:

    Wow! I love your work!

  25. Lia Says:

    Yay, you really know your stuff 🙂

  26. Rafal Says:

    Wow,great “devil job” man 🙂

  27. Alexandra Says:

    This blog is absolutely -amazing-! When I initially saw your photography, my first thought was, “How does he do it?!” Working in entertainment myself, that’s the nearly always what I wonder when I see great art. You are one of the few artists I’ve come across who is confident enough to share the process.

    You’re art is absolutely flawless.

  28. Lauren Says:

    Since you shot my wedding I have been following your work and had no idea what a process your work is. The whole process is amazing; I can’t believe all the work that goes into it…your finished product is well worth it. Your daughter is awesome …. She is darn cute too!

  29. Joy Says:

    So much work for one photograph! Nevertheless, excellent work.

  30. Troy Says:

    This is really incredible. You are fantastic. how can we see your film?

  31. kumo Says:

    Amazing! Great work!

  32. Childhood Fears (Pics) - Talk Delaware Online Says:

    […] out looking at those photos. I know right?? lol Man a few of them just give me chills. Making DEVIL November 3, 2008 by Joshua Hoffine Hey kiddies! This is my new Horror photograph, called DEVIL. […]

  33. Worst Childhood Nightmares and Fears by Joshua Hoffine | HownWow.Com | How & Wow! Says:

    […] Source [Joshua Hoffine], [Making Devil] […]

  34. umbelino Says:

    magnífico trabalho!! uma bela composição de arte conjunta!
    aqui vai os parabéns de um simples adimirador brasileiro.

  35. nightriderlopes Says:

    boy, I just love your work! never seen anything like it, honestly!:D

  36. Ben Pienaar Says:

    Love these creepy things! the robot is one of the best, definitely got a story idea in there somewhere

  37. g2mathgames Says:

    impressive work

  38. chazzkorvex Says:

    Wow- I am sooo jealous! I’d love to be building this stuff 🙂

  39. Mrs. Horror Boom ( Says:

    Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    Here is another classic Josh Hoffine photograph, “Devil”, and his personal walk-through of the work process to create the nightmarish work of art. We frequently wish we had the money to buy one of his framed prints… then wonder where in the house they would hang, since they’re not going in our master bedroom (or any other location where relaxation and sleep is necessary. Check out this great read, as usual, from Mr. Hoffine.

  40. Darlene Says:

    So funny to see Chloe’s face in that last picture, compared to the face she was able to stage in the actual photo you were staging!! She is one heck of an actress!!!

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