Rue Morgue Magazine


This month my work is being featured in Rue Morgue, arguably the greatest Horror magazine in the world. The article about my work is titled THE GIANT SPIDER, THE CANDYMAKER, AND THE WOLF WITH HANDS, and was written by the editor-in-chief herself, Jovanka Vuckovic.


8 Responses to “Rue Morgue Magazine”

  1. jessica peterson Says:

    Rad! congrats again!! =)

  2. thebonebreaker Says:

    Awesome News Joshua ~ Congratulations ~ to be featured in Rue Morgue and have the article written by Jovanka herself ~ Outstanding!

    Also, I’ll be looking forward to your next photo ~ sounds cool!

  3. Echo Says:

    Congrats! i love that magazine and i think it’s a perfect fit with your work 🙂

  4. Jessica Says:

    Congrats Josh thats really cool. Can’t wait to see the new work.

  5. ifitshipitshere Says:

    Congrats Joshua, that’s huge!!! way to go!

  6. kristen from scarefest Says:

    remember me/? yeahhhh. i wanted to say hey. (: your amazing. keep it up
    !!!!! (:

  7. jason mask Says:


  8. Automatic Making Money Says:

    very nice post i loved these pictures keep great posting.

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