This is my new photograph titled BABYSITTER.

This photo depicts a teenage babysitter being stalked by an escaped lunatic.

There is something very vulnerable about the teenage babysitter – no longer a child, but not yet an adult – attempting to shoulder grown-up responsibilities.

The concept of the escaped lunatic appears in at least three of my favorite Horror films: Black Xmas, Halloween, and When A Stranger Calls.

Ultimately, this photograph asks just one thing – what if something awful was waiting for you right around the corner?


Bob Barber, who played the title role in DEVIL, returned to play the part of the escaped lunatic.

The teenage babysitter is my 13 year old daughter Arinna.

And the baby is my niece Thea, who was also the baby in my photo SNAKE.


Patricia Castillo applied Bob’s make-up. I told her that I wanted a big lobotomy scar on the side of his head, held shut with metal staples.



She exaggerated the lines in Bob’s face, and whitened his skin until he was ashen, like a person who hadn’t seen sunlight in years.


She also added bruising and lacerations to his wrists for the broken handcuffs.


Demian Vela assisted me.


Matt Tady assisted as well.




Remember – don’t investigate any weird noises!  See you next time!


62 Responses to “Making BABYSITTER”

  1. Noiret J. Says:

    Amazing work… I love all your captures. Congratulations.

  2. wondermann Says:

    I love this, but I love all of your stuff

  3. monsieurj Says:

    Love it, love your work, you got a fan in france 😉

  4. Philip Says:

    As always josh, disturbingly detailed!

    Good to ‘see’ Arinna again! My how times does fly!

    The makeup artist is very talented and definitely contributed immensely to this outing!

    Good job to the WHOLE TEAM!

  5. James Says:

    this great work, and i really like that scar. very well done. Its great…

  6. The Curious Cat Says:

    So creepy – especially the shadow on the stairs. I love how you capture that moment just before it all goes wrong – or possibly not, she might move away?! xxx

  7. Michael Rivers Says:

    Wonderful work.

  8. ArtF Says:

    Just discovered your site from a link at Boing Boing. After looking through your older entries, I can say I’m a fan of your work. Great, great stuff!!! As an avid horror fan of many moons, I think you do an awesome job of taking recognizable horror motifs and giving them a fresh, new twist. Keep up the good work, sir!

  9. O.Herold (olhe) 's status on Thursday, 01-Oct-09 18:46:45 UTC - Says:

    […] BABYSITTER #horror #pictures […]

  10. John Ingle Says:

    Joshua –

    Absolutely brilliant work. A friend just turned me on to your blog site. I’m from KC originally (went to NKCHS and KU in Lawrence). Great to see such awesome talent on display. Have you been shown in NYC? I love horror and photography and you’ve melded them brilliantly into pure Art. You have an instant devoted fan here. Continued success to you. I look forward to more of your fantastic visions.

    John Ingle, NYC

  11. Anthony Neff Says:

    Fantastic as always. Glad you made it to Lexington last month.

  12. Su Says:

    It’s true! You have nothing but a family full of talented girls! Even the baby.
    The picture is great! I can almost see my self screaming “Go Back!!!”

  13. Jeff and Lorelie Says:

    This is brilliant. When you described this photo at Fan expo I envisioned the patient being outside the window looking in. Now that I see the finished photo it is way more intense then I had imagined. The lighting really makes this photo ominous. Your friend makes an excellent psychopath lol. I can’t wait till your next photo.


  14. Mr. Topp and the Big Bad Blog » The morning coffee is stalking the babysitter Says:

    […] (by Joshua Hoffine) […]

  15. leann Says:

    i wanna hang out in a corner and just watch this whole production occur.

  16. Nate Says:

    Awesome stuff!

  17. Jessica (Das Pope) Says:

    Oh wow this ones really cool. I love the Lobotomy scar very wicked and cool looking

  18. Aimee Says:

    you photos are amazing!
    i always wait patiently and check out your blog every month waiting to see what you come up with next. your work is inspirational and exciting and i enjoy seeing how you set up all your shots.
    Congratulations on your success!

  19. Kristine Says:

    Amazing photos! Just incredible!!!

  20. Joshua Hoffine’s Babysitter… | Cherrybombed Says:

    […] To see all that went into the making of Babysitter, click here. […]

  21. sarah Says:

    OMG 😮

  22. cagehell Says:

    gross. I’m alittle detail obsessed, but is that baby real or fake. I couldnt tell. it looked real to me. anyways cool pix.
    Two Voices | Two Guys

  23. thebrendaboo Says:

    This is nothing short of fantastic!!!

  24. duder Says:

    i think anyone who would enjoy having your art displayed likely has deep issues. i know its art but i truly hope none of your ‘models’ are scarred by being in any of the pictures, some of them are pretty over the top for a child to be involved in. i understand the artist expression being expressed (themes of death, randomness of life etc as explained in the “about”) but fetishizing it is not healthy

  25. Michael Says:

    Wonderful shoot. You have a big fan here. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

  26. Matthew Poon Says:

    Great shots there mate, very ‘outside of the square’.

  27. Kim Says:

    Great photos,
    Amazing theatre and capturing of the moment. Love it..

  28. Scott Glennon Says: featured your works this morning here in Australia. Very proud to say it has been the longest lasting feature since the unfortunate passing of MJ (RIP.) Keep up the good work mister! Can’t wait to have some of your work appearing as icons around my place! You’d fit right into Dracula’s here on the Gold Coast or Melbourne mate.

  29. Doug Says:

    Great work, love your stuff.

  30. Rob Says:

    Just had to comment and say I love your photos. So great. Appreciate the effort you put into them! Will share with everyone I can

  31. silvii Says:

    I came acros your horror photos via and they scared the crap out of me ! Wow ! is all I can say. I’m sure you’d churn out some awesome movies too !

  32. Michael Proffitt Says:

    A friend of mine discovered your portfolio on ine and forwarded me the link because she knows I love horror in all its forms. Awesome portfolio! I love the blog and you have a new fan from Arlington, VA.

  33. Anarane Says:

    As a HUGE fan of the horror genre, I can only say that I greatly appreciate your symbolism and artistic talent. As silvii said previously, you would be a very awesome contribution to the horror movie scene, as well. Keep up the great work!

  34. Greg Says:

    Came here via Andrew Sullivan. Creepy and delightful!

  35. Noelle Says:

    Josh. I love your work and have for awhile. Could I post some of your photos on my blog as long as I credit the work? Free promotion!

  36. fareler Says:

    Wow, great. It is interesting to see. 🙂

  37. tobilynne Says:

    Wonderful! This may well be the 4th print of yours I purchase!

  38. Amanda-Brazil Says:

    I love your work!It’s amazing!!!


  39. Gerafiolina Says:

    интересно было прочитать.

  40. Zakk Greco Says:

    Awesome! It is as good as you told me it was gonna be. The wait to see it was well worth it.

  41. Jessica Hughes Says:

    I love reading your blog, seeing how you set up your shots. I love storytelling photography, as I do a little myself.
    There are so many photographers that just don’t get your work. I think they should take a good long look/read through your blog.

    Brilliance! 🙂

    *jessica hughes*

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  44. Karl Alexius Says:

    Hi Joshua,

    I’m a photographer, based in England and a big fan of horror. I have just looked at your photos and wanted to let you know how much I admire your work. I’ve been thinking about horror photography myself, and after seeing your work, I am truly inspired! Thanks for sharing your work, and telling us how you achieved those awesome photos! Are you on Facebook? Keep up the good work.


    Karl Alexius

  45. Jodie Says:

    Hi Joshua,

    I came across your website – strangely enough – on halloween night, but I’ve just had a chance to wander around your blogs. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful work and share these awesome “behind the scenes” stories. I am from Thailand and I’ve always admired dark art and your photos are insipring! Keep up the good work 🙂


  46. Jason Says:

    I must this is an Excellent work !
    I have take an admission in a community college I think I should also try to learn this kind of things.

  47. Brett Says:

    Your family made for excellent models! I really like the depth of the shot and the around the corner feel. The audience gets to play in their heads “what happens next?”

    Very cool!

  48. Gory Films Says:

    Wow! Such artist have contributed so much to the success of the field like film, photography and the like. Very Cool!

  49. Tina Says:

    Disturbing and fascinating work! Really amazing. I’m so glad to have found your blog. I’ve bookmarked your page. Is there a way to follow as there is on blogger? I write horror short fiction over at
    Oh, I’ve just seen the check box below that will notify me when you put up a new post. So, see you soon!

  50. DaniellPhoto Says:

    God, I think I’m in love with your photos. I take horror pictures as well, just on a slightly different level. I am 17 old and really hope I will be as good as you one day.
    I’m just wondering two things, could you taken drop by my blog and tell me what you think. Liken is from photos I took in 2009.

    Also I wonder, is there a way to get a signed picture from you, and where I can buy your photos?

  51. alessio Says:

    wow tyou’re greatttttttt

    i’m a direct for independent film
    the film is free
    i hope a day to become great like you…

  52. josiah Says:

    kitche at least. you are far from crewdson and i find this in no way creepy

  53. lorena Says:

    eres genial me encanta tu manejo de fotografia desde colombia te mando muchas felicitaciones.

  54. :: Joshua Hoffine ((Horror Phoography)) :: - Says:

    […] Posted in At Work | 53 Comments » […]

  55. AJ Says:

    Absolutely incredible. I just got wind of your work in Rue Morgue 100, and had to check your site out. Please keep up the outstanding work.

  56. German Sorrente Says:

    Awesome!!!, Greats Jobs!. i get really scared with your photographs. i am wondering (and searching) if you have made some film, if you not i think you must work in that too.

    Regards from Argentina!.

  57. Navigon Sat Nav Says:

    One creepy pic there! 🙂 great work though

  58. otbfilms Says:

    these are amazing and gruesome!!! i love the keyhole effect 🙂

  59. baby games Says:

    Wow, very interesting to see these pictures.

  60. gargamelskatze Says:

    Wow! I Love it!

  61. Mrs. Horror Boom ( Says:

    Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    OK, what is the LAST THING IN THE WORLD you’d want to see around the corner when you’re a babysitter? Another horrifying, nightmarish Joshua Hoffine photo, another comforting piece to show us that it’s ONLY A PHOTO… IT’S ONLY A PHOTO… IT’S ONLY A PHOTO… maybe if I say it enough times, I’ll get some sleep tonight. Check it out!

  62. emilyjobling Says:

    I am using your work as part of my Alevel art exam aned need some sort of word from you saying why you did what you did. Is there anyway you can reply with just a few words on your insperations, From Emily

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