Fangoria Magazine

This month Fangoria, America’s leading Horror magazine, features a two page article about me and my photography.  Fangoria described my work as “nothing short of jaw-dropping.”  I had a subscription to Fangoria as a boy (I had very indulgent parents) – so I am thrilled to see my work in their hallowed pages!


9 Responses to “Fangoria Magazine”

  1. ReelyBored Says:

    Very happy for you Joshua! Love your work and it is great to see some excellent recognition! I was going to do a write up on my blog but I think this will certainly do!

  2. IPBrian Says:

    Congrats Joshua! I too read the Fangoria much as a young teen…too cool to be featured!

  3. Jessica Says:

    Good for you! I love Fangoria. I grew up reading it, thought I wanted to be a makeup artist for a time (and still dabble in makeup for my shots… not as elaborate as yours), and I always wanted to go to a horror convention! Love your work! 🙂

    • ReelyBored Says:

      Jessica, you should def try and make it out to one of Fangoria Weekend of Horrors conventions. Very cool and very fun. Lots of interesting characters there 🙂

  4. Cady Says:

    This article is actually how I heard about you. I am completely in love with your work, congratulations!
    -Cady, MI

  5. Arina Says:

    Still in love with your work and I’m so happy every time something new pops in your portfolio! I also had the same feeling when my work was featured in one of my favorite magazines. 🙂 so you just keep celebrating and … we want more!!!

  6. Tyson Leslie Says:

    wow man… what a great honor! I used to be a subscriber to that mag in the 80’s and early 90’s. I LOVED it!!!

    I still have a dream of working with you somehow someday. You’re imagination is mindblowingly beautiful.

  7. Check out Horror Artist Joshua Hoffine’s Making JACK THE RIPPER! « HORROR BOOM Says:

    […] of a horror movie. I've been following Joshua Hoffine since an article in Fangoria a few years back did a feature on his art that just fucking blew me away. I've been keeping tabs on his work through his website on a regular […]

  8. David Says:

    Congrats! For me that would be the ultimate sense of achievement. I grew up reading Fangoria. I have been looking around your blog. love’n it.

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