Corpse Bride

Hey kiddies.  I shot this for fun the other day.  My children have dubbed it ‘The Corpse Bride’.


I rented the corpse from BJ Winslow and dressed it up in a wedding dress that I found at a thrift-store.  I aged the dress and veil with Lipton tea. I rented the coffin from my friend Jerry at Have Guns Will Rent.  I borrowed the ring from my sister. I photographed my Corpse Bride in the garage, with black fabric as a backdrop, a single soft-box as the light source, and white foam-core to bounce light into my shadow areas. Here you can see me getting things set up:


It was fun to shoot something so uncomplicated.


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6 Responses to “Corpse Bride”

  1. Anton-Ton Ton Abela Says:

    Amazing shot … not complicated but still fantastic.
    I concur, it would make an excellent book cover or even a cd-cover
    Well-Done 🙂

  2. Pen Says:

    Love this so much. It’s especially nice to see the detail of the wood grain on the coffin.
    Despite being an uncomplicated set-up for you, the result is still fantastic!

  3. Joseph Pinto Says:

    Simply incredible!!

  4. Ryan Says:

    Simply amazing.

  5. meximo70 Says:

    as always, love your work…she’s hot

  6. Chris Says:

    Great photo. Looks pretty convincing that it’s a real corpse.

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