This is my new photograph titled LAST STAND.

It depicts a family about to be consumed by a horde of zombies.

The star of the photo is A. Michael Baldwin from the classic Horror movie Phantasm (1979).

The little girl is my niece Thea, who was also the baby in my photo SNAKE.

The mom was played by Erica Kauffman.

The other child victim was played by my daughter Sadie.

We built our set at the 3rd St. Asylum Haunted House in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  My cousins Jerry and Steve Hoffine did all of the carpentry and construction.



Bill Rose and his girlfriend Michelle stayed up late one night to wallpaper my set for me.



Here you can see Steve and Bill measuring the shag carpet.


I filled the set with my gathered props.  Jerry Hoffine and Mike Clouse destroyed the door by jumping on it.



Here you can see me talking with J. Anthony Kosar, who drove in from Chicago to lead the make-up team.  Beside me is my assistant Demian Vela, and behind us is Colin Mogg, one of my zombie models.



Kosar’s sculpted appliances were marvelous.




Meagan Hester flew in from NYC to help Kosar with the make-up effects.




Make-up artist Jeff Sisson also came in to help.  Here you can see him working on Demian Vela.


My wife Jen Hoffine, who played the title role in LADY BATHORY, also played a zombie.


My favorite model Bob Barber came in to be a zombie as well.



Brian Wendling, the man walking the tightrope in my early photograph DEATH, played one of the zombies attacking my daughter Sadie.




Brenna Hoch and her mom Rita also helped with the make-up.




My star A. Michael Baldwin on set.


Me with my daughter Sadie on set.


My brother-in-law Felix Mercader helped run camera.


Zombie Davis DeRock biting Erica’s arm as she reaches for her pistol.


Theodis Williams made the coolest zombie of all.


See you next time!

7 Responses to “Making LAST STAND”

  1. Midnyte Reader Says:

    This is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anton-Ton Ton Abela Says:

    Thanks for this update 🙂
    It must be a thrill to work along side you and your team.
    Bet this is going to be another fantastic project, one which would leave the viewer amazed!
    Well Done

  3. Lars-Erik andersen Says:

    awsome wrk again, love it 🙂

  4. Gini Says:

    Aaaaahhhhhhh, so exciting!!

  5. Mrs. Horror Boom ( Says:

    Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    Oh, it’s not just The Walking Dead that has awesome zombie action executed by some serious talent and vision… but you knew that already, didn’t you? Take a look at Joshua Hoffine’s successfully Kick-Started new epic zombie photograph LAST STAND. This is only Part 1, too! I in no way shape or form even begin to hold the copyright for the image in the featured image/splash image above, that is, of course, created by Josh Hoffine and belongs solely to him. Look, he uses some of his repretory cast of models again– my favorites being Bob Barber (usually cast as a slender demon or that escaped homicidal mental patient they’ve just done a breaking newscast to be on the alert for–and Hoffine’s lovely wife Jen, who most memorably played a modern version of Elisabeth Bathory getting the FULL spa treatment. Oh, and I almost forgot their adorable daughter Sadie. Enjoy, and we cannot recommend bookmarking this blog enough. Hell, just follow it like we do!

  6. Mrs. Horror Boom ( Says:

    Hot damn, I love it, especially the set- you nailed that boarded-up (mid-zombie attack) farmhouse look that takes my breath away and takes me back to seeing NOTLD in 1982 (my patient dad escorted me to the theater). Can’t wait to see more, as usual!

  7. Jeff Sission of Troglodyte | MRC Blog Says:

    […] worked in the indie movie world for years as a special effects make-up artist, Jeff Sission flipped the script in 2005 when he formed […]

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