Hey kiddies!  Here is my new zombie photograph LAST STAND.


It remains true to the simple sketch from my KickStarter video, but now brought to life with actors and detail.


My star A. Michael Baldwin gave a wonderful performance!  The gunshot to the head was achieved using flash paper and black powder fired through a prop head sculpted by Ryan Pintar.  I then combined these elements with the kneeling zombie actor and Baldwin firing the gun on set using Photoshop.


For reasons of safety, I photographed my little niece Rev separately as well.


My friend Erica has the greatest face.


My youngest daughter Sadie gave me an identical scream to match Erica’s.


This photograph was by far my largest project to date, and only came to life with the help and assistance of many wonderful people.  A special thank you to all of the KickStarter Pledge supporters who made this image possible!  The success of this image has encouraged me to consider future photo projects on an even larger, more elaborate scale.



PRODUCER : Justin Gardner


FATHER : A. Michael Baldwin

MOTHER : Erica Kauffman

DAUGHTER : Sade Hoffine



Bob Barber

Colin Mogg

Sonny Williams

Jen Hoffine

Brian Wendling

Davis DeRock

Henry Feltmeyer

Alice Pollack

Nathan Beggs

Dylan Thomas

Brett Johnson

Austin Goldberg

MAKE-UP EFFECTS : J. Anthony Kosar


Meagan Hester

Jeffrey Sisson

Brenna Hoch

Rita Hoch

HAIR : Jill Sixx


Jerry Hoffine

Steve Hoffine

Bill Rose

Michelle Seward

Mike Clouse


Jerry Vest

Demian Vela




DRIVER : Mike Clouse

CATERING : Mike Clouse


Anna Perry, Photography

Trevor Hawkins, Mammoth Media, Video


A 40″ print of LAST STAND is currently on view and for sale at the LAST RITES GALLERY in NYC, as part of the ‘Zombie’ group art show curated by Travis Louie.  Thank you again to Travis for inviting me to be part of this show!


More ambitious projects coming soon.  See you next time!


15 Responses to “LAST STAND”

  1. Dick Starr Says:

    FANTASTIC!!!! I absolutely LOVE what you’ve achieved with this photograph. Every element (the gunshot, the hero, the zombies, the victims, the set) has been captured at 100% intensity. Everything is an essential piece to puzzle and nothing feels posed or forced. It’s as if you’ve captured a moment from the climactic scene in your upcoming zombie motion picture. Joshua, you are a modern master and this image is just one more example of why! …AND IT’S A PHOTOGRAPH!! NOT PHOTO-MANIPULATION!! God you’re awesome!!

  2. vampyrefangs Says:

    Reblogged this on Vampyre Fangs and commented:
    From the brilliant dark mind of Joshua Hoffine.
    The elaborate photograph (yes, it’s a photo!!) “Last Stand.”
    What gets me most is that the central figure, the father, is fighting valiantly to protect his family, unaware that his girls are already doomed.
    One of Hoffine’s best works to date!!
    Check out his other horror images at:

  3. Mike Packer Says:

    Your work here, reminds me a bit of Dan Witz (specifically his mosh pit paintings), even though the mediums are different. There’s a very “old master” feel to the tones and composition but the modern cultural setting makes it an anomaly in that regard.

  4. Mike Kellar Says:

    Awsome set piece! My favorite is the 3rd zombie from the left, staring right at the camera. Looks *exactly* like Possessed Ash from Evil Dead II.

  5. When Zombies Attack And Win: “Last Stand” Joshua Hoffine’s Apocolyptic Masterpiece | Cherrybombed Says:

    […] See the “DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU!”, behind the scenes making of Last Stand, as well as other high-res images from the photo, over at Hoffine’s NSFW blog. […]

  6. T. Says:

    The John Denver album might be the the most chilling detail.

  7. johnmichaelmaximilian Says:

    Hey there, Joshua! As a longtime fan of your photography, I figured I’d let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog. It’s not a big deal, just a little token of my appreciation for your spectacular work. Keep it up!

  8. PREVIEW – Outstanding ZOMBIE Exhibit Curated By Travis Louie At Last Rites Gallery In NYC (Monster Fresh) « HORROR BOOM Says:

    […] documenting the making-of process that we re-blogged from Hoffine’s awesome blog here, and another one here. Definitely work taking a look […]

  9. Brenda Martinez Says:

    This is amazing. My 3 year old says she loves your “walking dead” and wants to take a picture like it. 🙂 Lol.

  10. Joseph Pinto Says:

    Absolutely, insanely epic!!! Your talent is off the charts…such awe inspiring work. Wow, kudos on “Last Stand”

  11. Christoph Siemens Says:

    My personal fear photos include someone in a bottomless pool being sucked into a gigantic white shark’s maw and someone wrapped in spider silk and the spider the size of a horse about to sink its pincers into the motionless victim’s neck.

  12. lilikaofthelake Says:

    Reblogged this on Lady of the Lake and commented:
    So perfect for my first blog post or repost in almost two years. Have been slogging away in the coal mines of life. Secondlife obsessions and Facebook frenzy. Tumblr and Pintrest enchantments and even adventuring into art journaling and gardening initiatives. I love this picture it is just so perfect for our time.

  13. Horror Shop Says:

    Scary! Best wishes from Horror Shop

  14. Ana Villareal Says:

    I suppose I’m a little late to comment, but I just discovered your work and think it’s completely brilliant! I have a deep, long nurtured love for all things horrifying, and am so pleased by the beautiful suspense you have captured in your photos. I especially appreciate the fact that your medium is photography as it brings an element of realism to the fears you have depicted. Something about the composition of each photograph triggers something terrifying that (in my opinion) is rarely depicted accurately even in film. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  15. H. P. Lovecraft’s Deep Ones to be captured by Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine | Thoughts and Jots: Picking up the pieces Says:

    […] Last Stand: […]

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