Making CRONE

Hi kiddies!

This is my new Horror photograph called CRONE.



This project was produced by Jeff Simon.

The SPFX witch mask was made by Midnight Studios FX.

The witch, in Jungian terms, is the archetype of the devouring mother. The anti-mother.  So of course, I gave my own mother Carol Hoffine the title role – despite the fact that she is one of the greatest moms of all time.

When I was 10 years old my Mom came to our school for a classroom Halloween party.  The other moms dressed up as cute characters, like Snoopy and Raggedy Ann. My Mom came as the witch from the original Black Sabbath album cover.  She scared some of the kids so badly that she had to leave.

Here she is trying on the costume for my shoot:

Carol Hoffine

The baby head is a doll’s head.  I painted it and glued on snippets of my own hair.  My wife Jen glued on fake eyelashes for me.

Baby Head 1

Baby Head 2

Brenna Hoch from 3rd Street Asylum did the make-up for my mother’s hands.

Brennt Hoch

Demian Vela

My pal Demian Vela, as always, was on set to assist.


Making Crone

Making Crone

Making Crone

Making Crone

Carol Hoffine

The witch mask was foam-filled and unable to wear.  So after photographing my Mom, we moved the witch head into her exact position.

Making Crone

Making Crone

Making Crone

Making Crone

I combined my Mom with the SPFX witch head in Photoshop for the final image.

Carol and Joshua Hoffine

A special thank you to Trevor Hawkins for helping me find the perfect wooded location.

CRONE is included in my upcoming book of Horror photographs from Dark Regions Press, which you can pre-order on their website.

See you next time!


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2 Responses to “Making CRONE”

  1. chadwdesign Says:

    Killer work Josh, as always. Can’t wait to get my book.

  2. outlander2013 Says:

    Joshua Hoffine:

    Please express my admiration to whichever FX artist or artists is responsible for the design and execution of the nastiest, filthiest, most disgusting pair of hands I have ever seen.

    Excellent timing on this release Mr. Hoffine. CRONE must be the most horrible witch I’ve seen near ANY Halloween.

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