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November 25, 2016

Hi kiddies!  This is my new photography project called PARKING LOT!




This is a personal fear.  Perhaps you have it too?  Being afraid of somebody hiding under your car is the adult equivalent of fearing the monster under your bed.  Dark spaces and exposed ankles.


I wanted this Horror image to be set in bright daylight.  Finding a location for this idea was not easy.  Most businesses would prefer you not stage a murder in their parking lot.  Even a fake one.  In the end, I staged my photo-shoot in a parking lot across the street from 3rd Street Asylum, the haunted house run by my cousins.  The police stopped by only once, and they were very friendly.


The victim was played by my friend and musician Cori Jo Hawkins.


The scary man hiding under the car was played by her husband and filmmaker Trevor Hawkins from Mammoth Media.  Trevor helped me with my short film BLACK LULLABY and is one of the chief collaborators on my upcoming movie project.  Right now he is finishing up his own first movie, a romantic drama called LOTAWANA.


I based Cori’s positioning on Andrew Wyeth’s famous painting CHRISTINA’S WORLD.

Wyeth, Andrew


The amazing SPFX mask was created by legendary creature designer Jordu Schell.


Right now Jordu is running an IndieGoGo campaign for his first short film.  Check it out!  It is sure to have amazing creature FX.

Thank you to Nikki Moreno at Vixen Pin-Up for doing Cori’s hair!

Thank you to Luke for allowing me to borrow his cool car.

Thank you to Chris Hawkins and Nathan Kincaid for all your help getting the car to the location and back.

And thank you to Dawn and Matt Cheek for producing this sick little photo project – I really appreciate it!

See you next time!

Portraits of Fright – Short Documentary

November 16, 2016


Thank you Alden Miller!


November 16, 2016

Hi kiddies!  This is a portrait I shot of CRONE.

SPFX by Midnight Studios FX.

Signed 11×14 prints are currently available on Ebay!

Hope you enjoy!



November 16, 2016

Hi kiddies!  This is a portrait I shot of Bob Barber as NOSFERATU.

SPFX Make-up by J. Anthony Kosar and Kosart Effects.

Costume by Celine Collins at Monkey Wrench Clothing.

Signed 11×14 prints are currently available on Ebay!

Hope you enjoy!


MALEFICIUM Dark Art Exhibit 6

November 16, 2016

A full-scale print of my new NOSFERATU image will be on display as part of the 6th Annual Maleficium Dark Art Exhibit at the Kosart Gallery in Chicago! The show opens this Saturday Nov. 19th

I will also have my triptych of JEKYLL & HYDE on display, as well as NOSFERATU PORTRAIT and CRONE PORTRAIT.

My actors from these projects – Bob Barber and my wife Jen from NOSFERATU, and Chad Hawks from JEKYLL & HYDE – will be at the opening reception with me as well!

This annual art show is curated by my friend and frequent collaborator  J. Anthony Kosar. Anthony and his team created the amazing make-up for my NOSFERATU and JEKYLL & HYDE projects.

Come join us if you can – this will be a great show!