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Book Update

September 1, 2017
PHOTO BOOK UPDATE from Dark Regions Press
Posted by Chris Morey (Creator)
Hey guys, so I’m going to tell you exactly what has transpired that has created an unforeseen 60+ days of additional delays.
First, we would like to apologize to everyone for the delays on this project. As the first photo/coffee table book from Dark Regions Press, we knew it would be an undertaking, but we were still surprised at the sheer task of putting this project together.
When Joshua was sent the first round of physical proofs from the printer, everything looked fine. Then, in June/July 2017, the 2nd round of proofs, which was supposed to be the last before printing started, were sent to Joshua… and something was very wrong: they had an orange hue to the images that was not there originally. Joshua was unhappy and we scrambled to find the source of the issue (and did).
Eventually, to make absolutely sure we get this done right, we paid a large amount of money to a local printer next to Joshua so that he could get 100% accurate prints of each and every photo from the book made and shipped to our printer. Right now the printer has these photos and is matching them up to their files. This process should be complete next week, and when it is another round of physical proofs will be sent to Joshua for inspection. If those look fine to Josh (as they should after all of the steps we’re taking) then production on the photo book can finally begin this month (September).
Here’s the good news: the book has come together beautifully and once Josh signs off on the next round of physical proofs, printing starts. Here is an updated timeline:
September 15th – 30th: production starts
October 1st – 31st: production continues
November 1st – 31st: final production stages
December 1st – 31st: books shipped to our fulfillment provider
January – March 2018: shipping phase
Again: we are truly sorry about these delays, but for a photo book it is extremely important that the printing of the images looks correct to the artist. Josh wisely decided to eliminate any unknowns by getting every single photo from the book printed locally then shipped to the printer. This took a lot of extra time, but it will ensure the utmost accuracy in printing of the book itself, which we are hopeful everyone will be thankful for when we all finally hold it in our hands.
Thank you to everyone for your continued patience and understanding. Just to reiterate: at this juncture we just need the printer to ship Josh the new round of proofs, which will happen next week, and for Josh to approve them, which should happen the week thereafter. All of us are staying on top of this process to make sure this happens as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions or concerns, please message us right here on Kickstarter or e-mail at: ( contact form works too).
We will be posting another update this month (September) with a confirmation of when printing starts. Thanks guys, hope everyone has a great weekend and be in touch again very soon.


October 28, 2016

Hi kiddies!  This is my new image NOSFERATU.



Nosferatu was played by Bob Barber.


The Victim was played by my wife Jen Hoffine.


SPFX Make-Up by J. Anthony Kosar and Kosart Effects.












Demian Vela was my photo assistant.


This image is included in my upcoming book of Horror photographs from Dark Regions Press.  You can Pre-Order your copy on their website. Thank you to all of the Kickstarter backers who made this project a reality!

See you next time!

Hardcover Book Campaign a Success!

June 27, 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported the recent Kickstarter campaign for my first book of Horror photographs! Thank you to publisher Chris Morey at Dark Regions Press, and my tireless advisors Justin Gardner and Chad Hawks for running such a great campaign.

We achieved our initial goal in 96 hours, and went on to achieve all of our stretch goals, finishing 236% funded, with 547 backers!

This oversized 12×12 hardcover book will be a complete compendium of my work as a Horror photographer, spanning 13 years of work. This book will include several new images, including PARKING LOT, JEKYLL & HYDE, OPEN WINDOW, and WITCH.  I will be revealing these new images online in the months leading up to the actual production and delivery of the book.


We also achieved our stretch goals to create the new images NOSFERATU and DEVIL MUGSHOT!

Thank you again for all of your support!


October 21, 2015

Hi kiddies!

The monstrous fish people created by J. Anthony Kosar and his team at Kosart Effects are amazing!  I wanted to shoot portraits of these Deep One characters to compliment my main INNSMOUTH photograph. Because the story by H.P. Lovecraft Shadow Over Innsmouth describes generations of Innsmouth inhabitants going back decades, I decided to shoot the portraits as genuine wet plate photographs utilizing photo technology from the 1800’s.


The Veteran


The Madame


The Bride


The Merchant

This type of wet plate photography is like alchemy and utilizes dangerous chemicals that can asphyxiate you or even cause an explosion.   I recruited knowledgeable wet plate photographer Steve Wilson to come in and help.  I worked for Steve Wilson at Hallmark Cards as a young photographer. He was an early important mentor and it was great to work with him again.


We shot the portraits in my home.  Kosar and I dressed wooden mannequins in period costumes and posed them for the camera.


Steve used a powerful HMI light because wet plate has a very slow exposure time and requires a tremendous amount of light.  I love the idea that some young man from Innsmouth participated in the Civil War as a Massachusetts resident.


Here you can see Steve manning the large 8×10 View Camera.  I helped frame and light our portrait subjects.


After exposing a metal plate that he had prepared with a light-sensitive chemical coating, Steve would remove the plate from the camera and develop it in my kitchen while we watched.


I think the singular aesthetics of the wet plate process lend themselves beautifully to gothic subject matter.


See you next time!


October 1, 2015

Hi kiddies!

This is my new photograph called INNSMOUTH.  This image is based on the story Shadow Over Innsmouth by legendary Horror author H.P. Lovecraft. This photograph stars actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) as the victim and features SPFX from frequent collaborator J. Anthony Kosar and his talented team at Kosart Studios.





In the 1931 story Shadow Over Innsmouth, the human victim is chased through the streets of the seaside town of Innsmouth by a teeming mob of monstrous fish people called the Deep Ones. The imagery of a sole individual being pursued by a city full of monsters is similar to Invasion of The Body Snatchers, I Am Legend, or any modern zombie movie, but exists first in Shadow Over Innsmouth.  As with my previous zombie photograph LAST STAND, INNSMOUTH is populated by a horde of monsters, not just one.

Staging the scene in deep focus with extreme foreground elements was inspired by my love for Citizen Kane.  Giving the monsters daggers was inspired by the assassination scene in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. There are no daggers in the original story, but Lovecraft does make a point of describing the strange gold jewelry worn by the Deep Ones.  I changed the gold jewelry into golden knives, so that my swarm of monsters could fish-gut their cornered victim.

We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for this ambitious tribute to H.P. Lovecraft to help celebrate the 125th anniversary of his birth. Many talented people came together for this grand collaboration.

My cousins Steve and Jerry Hoffine and Mike Clouse from the haunted house 3rd St. Asylum in Bonner Springs, Kansas built the walls in Jerry’s carpentry shop.  They are all big men and accustomed to wearing masks for extended periods of time, so they also flew to Chicago to play the lead monsters in the photo-shoot.


Our friend Kyle Stanley helped paint the styrofoam brick walls. He drove up to Chicago to play a monster as well. Kyle is the monster on the far right with the bowler hat and bulging eyes.




My assistant Demian Vela transported me, all of my photo equipment, and the brick wall we created in a rented U-Haul trailer from Kansas City to J. Anthony Kosar’s studio in Chicago.  He also plays one of the monsters in the photo.


Kosar and his talented team spent weeks creating the crowd of Deep Ones. Kosar acted as Concept Designer, FX Supervisor, and Lead Artist, with Jamie Leodones and Stevie Calabrese leading the charge as key artists, and Dina Cimarusti, Matt Kapolczynski, and Neil Viola jumping in as additional sculptors.



Celine Collins at MonkeyWrench Clothing hand-made the costume for my star Doug Jones.  I wanted him dressed as a white collar city slicker – an outsider – to contrast the blue collar mob of Innsmouth locals.


Doug Jones is famous to Horror fans for his roles in HellBoy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Crimson Peak, and many other movies. Here you can see my wife Jen Hoffine adjusting Doug’s sleeve on set.  Everyone was elated to spend time with Doug.


Kosar created an army of monsters as pull-over masks and gloves. With my encouragement, he mixed elements of piranha, angler fish, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon into his designs.  His collection of Deep Ones is amazing.



Here you can see Kosar giving Doug the easiest make-up application of his career.


In addition to Demian, Kyle, and the Cousins, several other volunteers suited up to play monsters, including Justin Gardner, Mark Lancaster, Coye Vega, and Dan Dudych.  Costumes and prop knives were loaned to us by Jerry Vest at Have Guns Will Rent in Kansas City.


I used several strobe lights to ensure my  whole scene would be in focus at F/22, including a special battery-powered strobe inside the lantern. Thank you to photographer Barrett McGivney for the additional equipment, tech support, and behind-the-scenes photos.




Spending time with Doug Jones is too awesome to convey in words.






Careful framing and the liberal use of fog completed the illusion of an outdoor night scene.


The brick building in the distant background of the final shot is actually 3rd St. Asylum, the haunted house run by my Cousins.  I photographed their brick building and composited it into the background of my original scene.


A huge thank you to my Producer on this project Chad Hawks – pictured here in red on the far left – who worked harder than anybody to make this project a reality!



A tremendous heartfelt thank you to all of our Kickstarter supporters, especially our mega-backers Matthew & Dawn Cheek and family, and Alan Harris!  And a big thank you to the leaders of the H.P. Lovecraft community who helped spread the word about our project – including Aaron Vanek and James Knouse at the HPLFF in Los Angeles, Neils Hobbs at NecronomiCon in Rhode Island, Brian & Gwen Callahan at CthulhuCon and the Arkham Bazaar and HPLFF in Portland, Tom Jenkins, Mike Davis at the HPL-Ezine, Chad & Chris at the HPL Literary Podcast, and Sean Branney & Andrew Leman at the HPL Historical Society. We could never have done this without you! Hail Cthulhu!

See you next time!

INNSMOUTH on Kickstarter!

May 10, 2015

Only 1 Week remains to contribute and become a part of my new INNSMOUTH project on Kickstarter!


This project is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s classic story The Shadow Over Innsmouth and stars the great Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth)!





The photo will also feature SPFX by J. Anthony Kosar!


Earn amazing rewards like signed prints, unique prop collectibles, and original masks and maquettes!





With your help, this will be my biggest photo ever!  Can’t afford to contribute?  You can still help by telling everyone your know.  Every gesture, no matter how small, is deeply appreciated!  This photo is going to be great!


March 14, 2013

Hi kiddies!  This is my new zombie photograph called LAST STAND.

The star of the photo is A. Michael Baldwin, who played the lead boy in the classic Horror movie Phantasm in 1979,

The little girl is my niece Thea Mercader, who was the baby in my photo SNAKE.

The mom was played by Erica Kauffman from Atomic Cotton.

The other child victim was played by my daughter Sade Hoffine.

We built our set at the 3rd St. Asylum Haunted House in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  My cousins Jerry and Steve Hoffine did all of the carpentry and construction.



Bill Rose and his girlfriend Michelle stayed up late one night to wallpaper my set for me.



Here you can see Steve and Bill measuring the shag carpet.


I filled the set with my gathered props.  Jerry Hoffine and Mike Clouse destroyed the door by jumping on it.



Here you can see me talking with J. Anthony Kosar, who drove in from Chicago to lead the make-up team.  Beside me is my assistant Demian Vela, and behind us is Colin Mogg, one of my zombie models.



Kosar’s sculpted appliances were marvelous.




Meagan Hester flew in from NYC to help Kosar with the make-up effects.




Kansas City make-up artist Jeff Sisson also came to help.  Here you can see him working on Demian Vela, who was excited to finally be on the other side of the camera.


My wife Jen Hoffine, who played the title role in LADY BATHORY, also played a zombie.


My favorite model Bob Barber came in to be a zombie as well.



Brian Wendling, the man walking the tightrope in my early photograph DEATH, played one of the zombies attacking my daughter Sadie.




Brenna Hoch and her mom Rita also helped with the make-up.


Demian with Kosar and Meagan, loving it.


My producer Justin Gardner.


My star A. Michael Baldwin having fun on set.


Me with Brian Wendling and my daughter Sadie on set.


My brother-in-law Felix Mercader helped run camera.


Here you can see Davis DeRock biting Erica’s arm as she reaches for her pistol.


Theodis Williams made the coolest zombie of all.


See you next time!

Photos courtesy of Anna Perry.